Sundance DSP


Sundance DSP is a world-wide supplier of high-performance DSP and FPGA processor boards and I/O modules in support of high performance, parallel processing applications in a variety of fields including, imaging, radar, sonar, simulation, industrial control and military.

The hallmark is total flexibility with infinite expandability based on industry standard platforms like PCI, PCI Express, PMC and XMC using the latest DSP and FPGA technologies. Processor boards using TMS320C6000 floating and fixed point DSPs and Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 FPGAs in PMC and TIM formats. Support for multi-DSP and multi-FPGA with 64bits, 66MHz PCI and PCI Express interface on PMC/XMC conduction cooled hardware. ADC, DAC and IO boards with different sampling rates and resolutions. ADC and DAC modules in PMC/XMC format with built-in FPGA power for pre-processing. Direct DSP interface to Serial ATA (SATA) for data logging applications and Ethernet and USB for host interface.

FPGA IP cores in VHDL to kick-start core and ASIC designs. Sophisticated design automation tools for multi DSP and FPGA target. Rapid prototyping tools based on Simulink with Hardware-In-the-Loop support. Interface to Labview virtual instruments on the host. Cores include FFT, Polyphase Filter, Power Spectrum Extraction and interleave. All cores are designed to target Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 as well as Virtex-II Pro FPGAs. FFT and Polyphase filter cores are essential components of Beam forming application offered by Sundance DSP.

Optimized, hand coded floating point DSP, image processing, LinpackEispack and BLAS libraries. A unique floating point DSP library for fixed point TI DSPs! Linpack, Eispack and CBLAS libraries are specialized and target DSP based solutions using TMS320C64xx and TMS320C67xx.

Support for embedded applications, using conduction cooled hardware, in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Beamforming, image processing, telecommunications, industrial automation and military.