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Incorporated in 1999. Oriens prides itself on its commitment to understanding and serving the needs of all its customers to deliver on quality, time and cost.

Our operations interests are with 3 main thriving business:


–  Avionics: including Commercial Avionics, Military Avionics, Helicopter Avionics, In-Flight Entertainment, Electrical Systems, Training & Simulation and Microwave & Imaging Sub- Systems

–  Defence Mission Systems: including Electronic Systems, Airborne Mission Systems, Under Water Systems and Above Water Systems

–  Industrial Systems: including Vision Systems, QA Test Systems, Fixtures and Industrial Automation.

We are able bridge the gap between technology and innovation to see what’s right for your business to help you overcome challenges and gain maximum value out of your solutions:

–  Systems Design: Able to plan, customise and design a prototype system/board architecture in accordance to your requirements.

–  Integration: To plan and integrate our hardware system solutions to your existing backend infrastructure.

–  Certification: Able to send the prototype system for various international certification qualifications such as MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461, UL, CE, etc. if it’s required.

It’s not just about today. We leverage the knowledge and close working relationship of our principals to shape major technological developments/roadmaps, anticipate trends and develop smarter solutions that provide competitive advantage for our customers tomorrow.