Novasom Industries


Novasom Industries is a company that deals with electronics, specialized in the design, production and commercialization of Industrial Single Board Computers and Embedded System and everything connected with them.

Novasom Industries designs, produces and sells its products to an international market providing support to its customers with the global mindset of a solution provider thanks to its own 10y+ expertise, experience and an innovative and practical vision of the market.

The company doesn’t offer just a product but also and above all solutions, designed from start to finish in-house, based on both its own standard products and its home grown customized ones developed to resolve the customers’ problems.

Our innovative approach is made possible by on tap internal resources of both product engineering and R&D thanks to the contribution of Novasis Ingegneria which specializes in electronic design and technical support that is our R&D Center


Introduction to Novasom: